Fitness model posts inspiring picture of struggle with anorexia

Courtney Black is a gorgeous, 20-year-old fitness model from London. Nearly 140,000 people follow her health and fitness chronicles on Instagram, where she offers fitness, beauty and wellness tips.

From these pictures, she looks fit and healthy.

But in the past, Courtney has struggled with body image and weight issues. Recently, she revisited her struggle with anorexia in one poignant video.

At one point, Courtney weighed just around 90 pounds. "I would try to burn off more calories than I would consume and I would buy food just to chew and spit it out," she said, according to the Daily Star. Even without eating and proper nutrition, Courtney would run around 8 miles daily, followed by an intense workout session.

Later in the day, she would go to the gym again, and only sustain herself with an apple. "Honestly I don't know how I had the energy to exercise on such a poor diet. I honestly believed I wasn't skinny enough," she explained to the Daily Star.

After her family and friends intervened two years ago, Courtney realized she needed to make a change. Overtime, she gained weight, and maintained it with healthy eating and exercise. It wasn't only a physical growth for Courtney, but a mental one as well.

"Striving to be skinny is in no way maintainable or good for you. I've embraced my curves now and realise how attractive they are," she said.

You can follow more of Courtney's journey on her Instagram.

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