Burnt toast may be a cancer risk


By: Sean Dowling, Buzz60

Health experts have a warning to those who like burnt toast: your goose is cooked!

Turns out your breakfast may come with a side of acrylamide, a chemical commonly produced when starchy foods are heated to a high temperature.

Acrylamide has been linked to cancer in animal testing and can be found in foods such as toast and potatoes. As for the chemical's effect on humans, studies have been inconclusive, but some experts think it has the ability to cause cancer.

The darker the toast, the more acrylamide is present.

Over in the UK, the Food Standards Agency recommends aiming for a golden yellow color or lighter when toasting, frying or baking. That covers foods like bread, potatoes and root veggies. Boiling, steaming and microwaving are less likely to cause the reaction.

In addition, keep your raw potatoes out of the fridge because this increases levels of acrylamide. Instead, store them in a dark, cool place.

This is all the information health experts know so far. Another confusing aspect is that scientists aren't clear on how much acrylamide humans can handle.

Because of this, critics aren't sure the UK's advice is warranted since we don't know how much harm is caused by the chemical.

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