The mystery of the tiny front jean pocket solved


As jeans, shorts, skirts or even overalls, there's no fashion statement quite like a great pair of denim.

But there's one catch to everyone's go-to comfort look; what is up with that tiny front pocket on the right side?

According to a blog post on Levis Strauss' website, that tiny pocket dates back to the 1800's when cowboys transitioned from keeping their pocket watches in their waistcoats to their jean pockets.

Over the years, read centuries, the tiny pocket has been used for many miscellaneous items such as coins, condoms and even the iPod Shuffle.

But these days carrying a condom in your jean pocket is so amateur and credit cards have basically made coins collector's items. Not to mention that the iPod shuffle is probably already on a display in a museum somewhere.

Levis Strauss says the tiny pocket prevails thanks to what they call denim heads. Denim heads are denim aficionados that have an affection for the distressed look that the fray around this tiny pocket creates.

Dear denim companies, do what you will with our pockets, but please don't change that magic thing that makes every backside look amazing in jeans!

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