Blogger opens up about her fat transfer procedure

I am definitely a person who has never been against Plastic Surgery.. I think as long as it doesn't go overboard then nips and tucks are totally a good thing. I am also known for being a pretty bold person when it comes to trying new things. For me as long as it doesn't threaten my life, I'll most likely try it. Yet as bold as I am I have always been a little scared of any type of major elective surgery.. Don't get me wrong I am no stranger to surgery. Throughout my life starting from an infant and through the years I have had surgery for a Cleft Palate ( I was born with a hole in the roof of my mouth), surgery twice to have tubes put in my ears to stop terrible painful ear infections and fluid build up I would constantly get as a child. As an adult I had major hip surgery from a car accident a few years back and about three years ago, emergency surgery for a fibroid that was causing me to lose massive amounts of blood daily and actually threatening my life.

So there you have it, I know my way around a surgery. However elective Plastic Surgery has always scared me a bit. With that said, this post is about the first major Plastic Surgery have ever had. Yep I did it. I gave into my fears and I am so happy I did.

Now I was cautioned. Cautioned that I should not write about this. That it would be bad for my brand. That people would look at me differently. That any plastic surgery I get should NOT BE DISCLOSED. But the minute I made the decision I knew I had to share this with you guys because I know that there are so many ladies that will relate to the way I was starting to feel and view my body..

So before you read this, I just want to say thank you for reading with an open mind and open heart because I truly believe that this post will help so many ladies out there that feel exactly the same way I did and have no idea that Fat Transfer is an option.. So deep breath and here goes...

Allow me to give you a little back story.. It went a little something like this..

"I went in to laser my chin and ended up with a fat transfer"

(after photo's taken 8 weeks after surgery)


I'm in Beverly Hills sitting in the office of Dr. Rosenberg. It's a Monday. It's pretty warm out and I have just returned from a long and incredible trip to three different European countries. As I sit thinking quietly in Dr Rosenberg's exam room waiting to actually meet him, all I can think about is my chin.. the two of them...

Okay a little back story on that. Double chins run in my family and I was starting to see a new chin.. a sister chin if you will. Just a few days earlier as I sat on my couch, lap top in my lap, watching a rerun of Law and Order SVU, on came a commercial about double chins and a new treatment that freezes them away. I 'm pretty sure we have all seen that commercial... Was it fate?

I mean I am just as concerned as many of us are with certain parts of my body that are not acting or looking the way we want them to and I thought why not see if I can do something about it. So I made an appointment. Being a blogger I look at photos of myself on a daily basis and 9 times out of ten I find myself having to fix my double chin in photos. Yep people.. I am not a perfect person and when the angle is wrong but the photo is right I will Facetune that bad boy. But after copious amounts of time wasted on Facetune, accumulated minutes that lead to hours combined that I could be putting towards anything and everything else, I thought to myself, F**K it. I'm going to go do something about this.

Okay back to Dr. Rosenberg's office..

As I sat with excitement at what options I may have with Dr. Rosenberg and armed with the knowledge that the commercial imprinted into my brain, I wanted to know EVERYTHING!.. Could my chins really be a thing of the past?

It was at that moment Dr David Rosenberg entered the exam room and entered my life.. Unbeknownst to him he was destine become one of my Besties..not sure he knew what he was getting himself into..

After a jubilant introduction I wanted to get right to it. My growing sister chin..what could we do? Somehow a conversation about chins lead to a conversation about breast implants, lead to a conversation about me not being comfortable with breast implants, lead to a conversation about friends implants that had ruptured, lead to a conversation about FAT TRANSFER.. Phew! That was a whole lot of conversations and at the end of that 30 minute convo I had an appointment to suck the fat from my donut roll (that stubborn roll at the bottom of every normal adult humans beings belly), love handles and yep chin. HELLO fate! So for the next two weeks I had a plan. Eat everything I saw and gain as much weight as I could.

Fat Transfer: Dr. David Rosenberg


This is a good question. The few people I have told in the last two months since the surgery all say the same thing. "You had really nice boobs to begin with", and my answer to that is "I made you all think I had really nice boobs to begin with". It's amazing what you can do with strategic wardrobe these days! After years of working out, not wearing a bra (I hate the things), a pretty fast metabolism, already having small boobs, age, gravity staring to take it's course and actually being able to feel my ribs through my breasts, I knew if I did not do something soon more drastic measures would need to be taken. I didn't want huge boobs.. just wanted mine back.


Being the skinny/fat gal that I am.. hello genetics.. I really did not have a whole lot of fat to transfer. I know, I know poor me! This is definitely a time when more fat is a super great amazing thing. Never fear, Dr Rosenberg found my fat wherever and anywhere he could.


I met Dr. Rosenberg at the surgery center in Beverly Hills armed with a couple of pre-written prescriptions for pain killers and Xanax. I signed in, filled out the necessary disclosures and paper work..yada yada yada.. and proceeded to head to my first Plastic Surgery. I changed into a gown (not the of the sequins variety) and headed to a room were an IV was administered, some sort of calming medicine was injected and I took 2 pain pills and a Xanax.

Then Dr. Rosenberg assessed the situation. Stark naked, I am standing with my arms up (not having gained as much weight as I had intended) Dr Rosenberg and I collectively decided that he would need to take from a few more places than previously discussed and he began to draw. We've all seen that part on tv right? Man do I wish could show you a pic of that.. but that would take this blog-post into a whole new place..


By the time I was ready to head into the operating room I was already a bit loopy (consequence of having never being a recreational drug user). We made the decision to take little bits from my inner thighs, breast budge (which is basically my arm pits), chin, love handles, lower stomach and inner knees.. Sounds cray cray right. We headed into the operating room and because my body has never experience Xanax I fell asleep before the first incision was made. Yes you are typically awake for the surgery. I did not wake up until I was in the car almost home, which I am so sad about because I really intended to tell you everything about the actual procedure. With that said Dr. Rosenberg says I woke up about every 30 minutes during the three hour procedure and said Ouch Ouch and went back to sleep. I am still laughing my tush off about that!


So here it is.. I am not going to sugar coat it. My recovery was pretty brutal and I feel the need to admit that. After surgery my boobs were quite big due to swelling and I was in serious pain like I had been punched about 9000 times over and over again in the same place. Most if not all of the pain was in the area's of the liposuction and I attribute the pain to the fact that I had liposuction in so many different places to get enough fat. So put it this way. If you get fat taken from just your abdomen then just your abdomen will hurt. Make sense?

For me the bulk of recovery took about 7 weeks. One week until I no longer needed the pain meds.. for that first week I was popping those things like candy. For the first week I stayed home and my Mom stayed with me for that week to help take care of me. The day after surgery Dr Rosenberg scheduled a post surgery appointment to check on my incisions and make sure everything was alright. He also showed me how to change all my dressings, which were just small band-aids (not to shabby).

For 8 weeks I had to wear a very tight compression garment 24 hours a day in the places that liposuction was performed and could not put any pressure on the place where the fat was transferred to.. stomach sleepers beware. This includes not wearing a bra or anything tight fitting for two months. The seat belt in my car was my worst enemy. I got really used to holding it away from my chest. Included with every Liposuction and Fat Transfer are 4 sessions of Venus Laser treatments which tighten the areas of lipo. Score!

I will tell you this.. getting dressed those first few times was pretty crazy. You never realize how much skin you show in LA until you have to outfit a compression garment! Between removing and reapplying my band-aids before and after showering everyday, applying the scar cream and ointments and then carefully putting the compression suit back on, I had to add a good 45 minutes to getting dressed everyday.


(after photo's taken 8 weeks after surgery)

When all was said and done I had a small lemon size worth of fat to contribute to each breast accumulated from all the places he took fat, with a total of 16 tiny tiny incision points on my body. At two months out you can barely see the scars, The actual scar on my breast it virtually undetectable. At three months out Dr Rosenberg will laser the scars to make them pretty must disappear. I'll take it!!

My main concern was natural natural natural. Natural look and natural feel. Yep I am the girl who has felt the boobs (purely for research purposes) of my gal pals with implants and you can always always feel the implant. I wanted to improve my boobs desperately but in the most natural way possible.

I also was not going for big! Baby B's. . Pretty sure that is not the technical term for it.. but I think you get what I mean. An example if you will. Have you seen those super cute celebs in their super cute low cut tees and button downs with just the cutest little boobs? Those are baby B's and a lot of them were surgically made to be that way.

Before my fat transfer I was in the newborn infant side of the B scale. Now I am a bonafied Baby B gal. Remember the more fat you have the bigger you can go. Dr Rosenberg utilized what he had to work with!


Here is the awesome part about fat transfer. You are taking fat from one place and putting it somewhere else. So as a result I now have the flattest stomach that I have seen since high school. I am way less knock kneed because he removed some fat from the inside of my knees. I also had a huge lump on the top of my left knee from a nasty spill in the 4th grade. My left knee has been numb and bigger than the other ever since that spill. Dr Rosenberg nearly 100% fixed that for me. Oh and my sister chins are a whole lot better...(still going to have the skin tightened with a Venus laser so I will post about that when it is done).


Being that this is my first entree into Plastic Surgery there were definitely things that I learned if I was to ever do this again.

1. Ask way too many questions. There is a sort of shame involved in asking questions when it comes to complicated things most of us don't know much about. This is your body and in order to avoid conflict later ask and get answers to all the questions you have up front.

2. Discuss exactly what you expect to achieve from your fat transfer. For example I thought that my breast would be much more lifted once healed... (just to note from what I have read it take about 6 months to see the final final results) Talk to your doctor about what you want so he or she can give you all the options. That way you both are 100 percent happy in the end.

3. Bring examples. Show your doctor your body goals in the form of photo's. Sometimes what you want gets lost in the translation, so show your doctor what you hope to achieve as you tell him or her.

4. Be realistic about how much of the fat will die once transferred and ask you doctor what your options are a lot of it does die and your expectations are not met size wise. I thought I was going to at least go up at least a cup.. as it stands 9 weeks after surgery I am in the same bras I was in before surgery. While my breasts are fuller.. they have shrunk extensively since surgery.


So here is my happy place. I adore my improved boobs. I would say that in the last few weeks they have gone down in size quite a bit so I would most likely (baring I have some more fat to use) have a bit more fat transferred. If I had it all to do over again I would most likely do a small lift at the same time because a bra is still necessary with a lot of my outfits and one of my goals was to not wear a bra. I loved working with Dr. Rosenberg on this. He literally with in the first few minutes of meeting him took 99.9 % of my fears away. Overall I would say that although results vary and some of the fat does not last a Fat Transfer is totally worth it. For me and for so many women implants are just not an option. Fat Transfer is a more natural and non harmful way to reaching your goals.

My goal was not to look like someone else. I wanted to look like.. well... me!

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