You can now put your face on your coffee to get a date

By: Maria Mercedes Galuppo

Stop swiping right and swiping left, a coffee shop in London might help you improve your love life.

Espresso Yourself is a pop-up cafe that uses 3D printing technology to match people together by printing their face onto the foam of their coffee.

The free coffee cups contain personal information about the person featured in the coffee, like name, height, age and hobbies.

And if you like what you see there's a link on the cup to get in touch with the person through

If you don't like anyone available on the coffee you can always have your own face printed onto a cappuccino and hope someone wants to pick it up.

Or better yet, take control of your destiny and give the coffee personally to that person you've set your sights on.

Who said dating is boring? Well, at least not in London.