'Mother of the Year' throws her daughter a period party


One mom wanted to comfort her daughter after she got her period for the first time, so they celebrated in the most epic way possible.

12-year-old Brooke Jenkins, from Florida, was nervous about getting her period. Her mom Shelly wanted to calm her down and help her think of it in a positive way. She "was anxious to have her period. I wanted to make this event a little more fun!" Shelly told Buzzfeed News.

So, they threw Brooke a period party.

Complete with feminine products, cake with red icing and family, her surprise party was a hit. According to the family, Shelly "always makes sure to make the best memories out of everything and Brooke's period was one for the books."

They even served chocolate cake because it had "serotonin in it to help her with Brooke's first period".

The idea has since gone viral. Others are marveling at how supportive the family was, and their creativity in celebrating such a milestone.

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