Wait, are Prince William and Kate Middleton running a marathon or not?

There was a great deal of confusion Tuesday as to whether our dear friends the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as Prince Harry, are going to be running a marathon in the imminent future. If you're immediately thinking to yourself, "Wait, they're long-distance runners now?!?!? I thought that was Pippa's thing?," that is understandable, but, also, we imagine there is no feat or skill Kate can't immediately conquer with minimal effort or exertion. If she wants to run a marathon, she could surely do so with zero training and still post a record-breaking time.

On Tuesday, at their Heads Together charity event, William spoke toGood Morning Britain reporter Sean Fletcher and told him that he would like to run a marathon one day. "I chatted to Prince William, and he has promised that he will run a marathon in Kenya sometime," Fletcher recounted. And then, he added, "Then I spoke to Kate and she said, 'I'll believe it when I see it.'" Kate! This is the sardonic, wry Kate we want more of!

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Fletcher himself is running the London Marathon in April, in support of the charity YoungMinds, and William, Kate, and Harry met with a number of other TV personalities who will be running the London Marathon in support of various mental-health charities. However, further complicating the "Are the royals going to run a marathon themselves?" question, many outlets reported that William, Kate, and Harry would themselves not be running the London Marathon because of "security reasons," but that they would instead be cheering on the runners from the sidelines. But is the idea that they totally would have all run it if there had not been these security concerns?!? None of the reports make this explicitly clear. (The Expresssaid the trio "would have liked to compete," whereas other outlets—as well as Kate's joke about William's intention to run the different, Kenya marathon—make this less straightforward.)

So, to summarize: Kate, William, and Harry will not be running in the London Marathon (though they may or may not have wanted to, to begin with); William may eventually run a marathon in Kenya (though Kate isn't so sure he even could); and Kate's Netflix stand-up special where she riffs on various aspects and inclinations of members of the royal family is due this summer.

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