How Courtney Sixx is making her mark on the world of DIY


If you feel like you fall short when it comes to home decorating, DIY, or easy beauty tips, look no further than Courtney Sixx for some guidance.

Wife to famous Motley Crüe rocker Nikki Sixx, Courtney has certainly made a name for herself with her How2Girl brand. While Sixx has long been a fan of DIY and decor, the idea didn't come to her to launch a brand until she started posting fun craft activities she was doing to Twitter.

This sparked an interest from her fans, and she hasn't looked back since.

Sixx now runs her How2Girl site, along with a bunch of other fun projects. She has a mini-series with iHeart Radio where she dishes out advice for simple beauty and home hacks, in addition to having just launched a bunch of original videos with OwnZones.

We had the chance to sit down with Sixx and chat about her inspiration, DIY beginnings and more! Check out the interview below.

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How did you first become interested in crafting and DIY?

Since I was teeny-tiny my favorite weekends were spent at Michael's Arts and Crafts and finding little projects to do. My mom was a neat freak so I would always have to do it on my dad's weekends. She wasn't that creative, but my dad is a set designer. So, I always got to play with all of his props.

What kind of projects did you work on back then?

I always loved it growing up, and then as I got older -- around high school -- we were renting a house, so I couldn't paint my room. My options were limited, so I started playing around with fabric, and I went and bought my first sewing machine for $100 at Joann's. I sewed my own curtains. I've always loved Marie Antoinette, and I took it a bit over-the-top. I did light blue satin sheets and pillowcases, and everything. I loved shabby chic too, so I would go find pieces at flea markets and distress them, and all of that kind of stuff. After I had my sewing machine, I thought, what else can I do? But from that point on, I was always making my own stuff. I would see a cool hair look on the red carpet and figure out how to do it, and then when I moved out on my own when I was 18 I had to get creative with how to make my place cute. I could barely pay my rent. So, once again I made all of my curtains, and everything. I had to have a christmas tree, so I went to buy ornaments from Michael's and decorated them and -- it looked like a Barbie tree -- everything was pink. I just loved making things. Anything that I like, I figure out how to recreate it.

When did How2Girl get its start?

I started How2Girl five years ago. It organically started when I got a Twitter account, after my husband and I had started dating. All of a sudden, I had a lot of followers that were made up of his fans. At the time I didn't really understand Twitter and I didn't know what I was supposed to tweet about. So I was distressing a table for his house, and I started taking pictures of what I was doing, and showed that it was easy to do. That was what caught on with my followers. I had a lot of women that thought it turned out well, but it wasn't that difficult. People liked that I made it accessible to them. That's when I thought I was onto something. I thought, it's what I do every day and it helped people see how to do this for themselves. So, I started my website. It was a big undertaking because I had to have so much content before I launched. I don't even know how many people went on it then, but here we are now!

And you're also working on a radio show with iHeart -- what does that entail?

Yes, the How2Girl website led to my radio show on iHeart, which is really cool. Each segment I do is 2-3 minutes long. They're really quick tips for the girl on the go. They're projects that you wouldn't have to write down to understand or do. For example, it's like here's how to make an amazing hair mask you could get at a salon, just by using some ingredients at home -- the kind of stuff you'd just remember. The show has been doing well.

You have some more projects in the works too right?

Yes, I've also been working with the Kylie Jenner on her app, so that's been really fun. There's also a company called OwnZones which is basically how-to on demand. It's really neat. It's called Hollywood DIY with the How2Girl. I filmed 12 episodes, and the series is all on home entertaining. I put a lot of time and work into them. What's great is that they live online, but they also live in an app, which is cool for my millennial audience. I'm just constantly DIY-ing.

What does it take to make your How2Girl site come together on a day-to-day basis?

I'm always looking for inspiration. What I'm into right now is right off the runway -- just being inspired by trends that are going on, and making it accessible for the girl next door. To be honest, I get so much inspiration just from Instagram alone. For instance, we went and met with the editor of Martha Stewart Living yesterday, and one of my ideas for them was to do runway trends, but mixing it up. Like doing chokers, but wrapping flowers in them instead. So, I'm constantly looking around and seeing how I can repurpose something. I'll even go walk through Home Depot to see what I can do -- like a cheese plate or a bar tray from marble. Like PCP pipe can be cut up and turned into napkin rings, or foam board that can be upholstered and used for wall panels.

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