Courtney Sixx dishes on how social media has helped her build her How2Girl brand

If you're looking to learn about everything from easy late night looks to DIY home decor, Courtney Sixx has got you covered.

This Hollywood-based expert got her start with crafting and creativity at a young age, and experimented with decorating her room with lace, sparkles, and more. But that's not all -- Sixx also made a name for herself as a model at only age 17. She began with the Wilhelmina agency and eventually moved to Europe to pursue her dream of working in the high fashion world.

Now, Sixx is based in LA and runs her How2Girl DIY and fashion inspiration brand. Currently, she has a video series out with Ownzones, an iHeart radio show, and updates her blog on a regular basis.

We had the chance to sit down with Sixx to go over her inspiration, social media strategy and more. Check out the interview below!

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Do you have a dream collaboration?

Yes, with Michael's. I work with them a lot and it's just an organic fit, because I'm there a few times a week. They have everything under the sun. I'd love to do How2Girl kits down the road, because I'm constantly running around from store to store for my projects. For someone that doesn't feel that creative, this process would be even more intimidating. I think it would be so nice to have a kit like: here's how to make chokers, here are three fabrics, here's the bling, etc. etc. It would all be in one kit. My dream would be to have a barcode that you could scan and I would just pop up on my app and explain how to make it. I think girls would love that.

What is it like working on your own radio show? What's your favorite thing about that?

iHeart is amazing because they give me a lot of freedom, so long as it stays between the two to three minutes. I used to have to go into the studio all of the time, but now there's a software system that I use on my laptop, which is really great because I can travel and my segments can be more current. For instance, my husband has a radio show -- his is huge -- but he has to pre-record a ton of stuff before he goes out on the road, and that's fine, but I like having the freedom to record whenever I want. I love giving people those easy, idiot-proof tips. I think it's especially helpful for women who are busy, and I love that it's on-demand.

What's your favorite project you've worked on recently?

My godmother has a lot of property with oak trees and it's really pretty. So, she had this random table she used for gardening, it was kind of crappy. I asked her if I could borrow it for a shoot that I was doing -- I wanted it to feel rustic. It was a really tall work table, so she let me come and saw off the legs to make it shorter, and I sanded the top and it turned out so pretty! I did all of the chandeliers. They were like $30 from Amazon, and I made the chain cord covers. But my favorite part was that I framed my girlfriends' photos for place cards. This was for Westlake Magazine, which is similar to something like Hollywood Confidential.

How has social media helped you evolve your DIY career?

First of all, I find that people who do discover or follow me tend to share my stuff with their friends, so that's definitely helped it grow. When I post on social media, of course there's a lot of DIY, but there are also times where I'll post pictures of fashion items I love -- not things I made, but things I post for inspiration. Social media is especially nice because I feel like people can try to relate to you and get to know you. I try to be careful though too, because I am pushing DIY and it's not like I'm trying to only be budget-based. People love creating no matter what budget you're at, but there is a fine line. When you talk about getting a look for less, you have to be careful to make sure you're being true to that. I've tried to start engaging with people on social media more too, rather than just posting. I think that can make a really big difference.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

I modeled a long time ago. When I started, luckily I didn't struggle with my weight, but would always look at girls and say oh 'so-and-so is so much prettier than me,' or 'her body is better,' or this or that. The best advice I think I ever got was from one of my girlfriends, she said there's always going to be someone who's smarter, or who's more beautiful or who's more successful, and that's just the way it is. Just try to make yourself the best you can be, and be on your own journey. Once I figured that out, at a pretty early age, it was a game changer for me.

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