See the amazing transformation of cat found with 5 pounds of matted fur

By: Emily Drooby, Buzz60

It's only been a few weeks into the New Year and we already have the best transformation yet!

When the Anti-Cruelty Society rescued a Persian feline, Sinbad, from a basement, he was in pretty bad shape. His fur was, "horribly matted, unwashed and covered in dirt and garbage."

Facebook/Anti-Cruelty Society

Luckily, the Anti-Cruelty Society came to his rescue and shaved off all five pounds of his matted fur. They found that Sinbad was underweight and could barely use his back legs.

Thanks to his foster family and the society, Sinbad built up the muscles in his back legs, grew back a good amount of his fur and even gained a little weight.

Facebook/Anti-Cruelty Society

Sinbad no longer has matted hair, but he does have a snazzy shirt and a brand new forever home with the man who originally fostered him. It looks like Sinbad is the ultimate survivor!