Mom uses photo of passed out baby to warn against dangers of drinking and driving

One mom has found a unique way to teach her son and other parents about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Australian mom Tellie Cameron realized she couldn't hear her toddler, even though he was supposed to be playing in the adjacent room.

When she went to see what 10-month-old Xavier was up to, she stumbled upon quite the scene.

The toddler was fast asleep at the wheel. Cameron saw the opportunity to teach her son a valuable lesson. After rearranging Xavier's toys, she snapped a photo of the scene and posted it to Instagram.

"The driver of the little tikes car is believed to be identified as 10-month-old Xavier who had been drinking while driving," she worded the photo. Xavier, after drinking too much milk, crashed into 'Bob the builder'.

Her creative post on what could have happened has resonated with a lot of parents. Though staged, Cameron's picture serves as a good reminder of these dangers.

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