Men are more likely to cry after a poor performance review

By Sean Dowling, Buzz60

Most people dread performance reviews, but in some cases getting grilled by the higher-ups can put more pressure on one gender.

Turns out men hate performance reviews more than women, according to a new study.

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Computer software company Adobe surveyed 1,500 office workers in the U.S. and found male employees have a tough time with the process.

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25 percent of men have cried after a harsh review from their boss, versus 18 percent of women.

Men were also more likely than their female counterparts to have looked for another job or quit after a review. What's more, four in 10 workers would switch jobs to a company that didn't have formal evaluations. Instead, four in five want feedback in the moment, rather than months down the road.

However, worker bees, you'll be happy to know your boss hates reviews too!

On average, managers spend two full work days prepping for each interview, which is why two in three wish their company would change its current review process as they find them time-consuming and unproductive; especially since nearly 40 percent of workers forget what was said.

No matter if you're a hard worker or not, 61 percent feel their manager plays favorites anyway, so maybe marking your boss's birthday in your calendar isn't such a bad idea.