How to wear studded booties

It's chilly in Dallas again! It went from being in the high 70's to low 50's but I'm not complaining - I got to break out this cozy turtleneck! We headed to Deep Ellum for lunch on Saturday but had to quickly turn around because we forgot we had an electrician coming to the house....oops! I got a new light fixture for Cam's room to replace the ceiling fan (I hate ceiling fans!). His room is almost done, I just need to find a rug and a few other things for the walls. I will be so happy to have one room complete!

I'm a sucker for distressed jeans and couldn't pass on this pair. Lovers + Friends has the best jeans - how cute is this pair and this pair?! I want them both! How cool are these booties? They are high but I wore them all day and didn't have any fact I even thought they were a little comfortable. You get the best of both worlds with these booties!

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Sweater dresses perfect for fall
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Sweater dresses perfect for fall

"First off, I love a good turtleneck sweater dress just like the next gal…or any sweater dress for that matter.  When I find one with good quality {and one that doesn’t make me look a billion pounds heavier}, I go ahead and snag every color." - A Southern Drawl

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"I am in love with the drama of this dress, and especially the laid back vibe it exudes when paired with such a relaxed jacket, fringe necklace and fun, wide brim hat. Oh yes, and red lipstick, of course!" - Livvyland

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"I snagged this dress for the trip specifically because I knew it was going to be a bit chilly but warmer in the sun. It's a great transition piece for the "I want fall to be here but it's still hot out" scenario. Did I mention it is SO SOFT?? Like so so soft. I could wear it for days. " - Covering the Bases

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"Since it’s still in the mid 60s here with beautiful sunny skies and crisp air, I’m taking full advantage of this weather to wear dresses with booties. They’re also super comfortable!" - Just a Tina Bit

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"This is one of my favorite looks as of late, maybe because of how simple it is. I’ve been on the hunt for a great sweater dress for some time; I found that most are boxy and don’t have a lot of femininity." - The Middle Closet

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"Every fall season there’s typically some sort of outfit piece that I’m drawn to (or obsessed with for that matter!). This season it’s all about wrapping up in wooly knit sweaters and sweater dresses." - Velvet and Vino

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