How to look cute for a snow day

I know I'm not the only one to think this but man do I love short weeks. Especially when you have a Monday off... it's the best thing ever! You already start your week at an advantage and are totally (somewhat) rested from the long weekend. I vote no more Mondays for the rest of the year!

J. Crew: Parka(also here) / Penfield: Vest(similar) / J. Crew: Navy Sweater/ AG:Skinny Jeans / Ugg: Boots/ Old: Plaid Scarf/ Topshop: White Beanie (similar)

When it comes to the cold weather I swear I always grab the same go-to items. My red coat, my favorite beanie, regular jeans and a pair of Ugg boots. The only thing that ever really changes is the color of my scarf and the style of my sweater. Does that make me a bad fashion blogger?

I know it's not the most exciting outfit but this is literally what I wear on a day to day basis to work or on the weekends. Unless I'm feeling extra fun and do something else. While it may not be exciting, I do feel like it's regular and attainable -- something you guys would wear too.

It's snowed twice in New York this year and both have been gone by mid week. Which I guess is the best way to have a snowfall! I think I'm just ready for the cold weather to be gone and some warmer temps to stroll in. That's a reasonable ask for mid January, right??

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Sweater dresses for the chilly season
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Sweater dresses for the chilly season

"There’s something so cozy about a long sleeve dress, especially in a knit material. I’m ready for lots of comfy cozy fall pieces. I know soon enough I’ll be so over layers, and craving warm weather, but while it lasts I’ll take it!" - M Loves M

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"I gravitated towards this dress because it’s casual yet dressy, depending on the accessories and shoes – I actually wore this one to Blake’s company party! I’m also a sucker for dresses that aren’t cinched at the waist…and this one provides plenty of breathe room!" - Livvy Land

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"A sweater dress and over the knee boots is such a timeless combination and I can’t believe I waited until now to wear this." - Just a Tina Bit

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"Between the below-freezing temperatures and painfully short days, I found winter to be quite a struggle. One of the best parts about living in California is that we have winter days where you can still go bare legged!" - Seamless Sea

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"Everyone loves a good sweater dress, right? Unless I'm poorly mistaken, I believe the hunt for the perfect sweater dress comes around every year and it's pretty hit or miss."- Covering the Bases

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"First off, I love a good turtleneck sweater dress just like the next gal…or any sweater dress for that matter.  When I find one with good quality {and one that doesn’t make me look a billion pounds heavier}, I go ahead and snag every color." - A Southern Drawl

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