The fastest calorie-burning dance classes, ranked

Since enrolling in my first ballet class at the age of seven to laughing with my friends as we attempt the advanced version of a Just Dance song, dance has always been an essential part of my workout routine. Sometimes, it being the only workout routine I'm motivated enough to change into gym clothes and head out the door.

And if college has taught me anything, it's that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to your sanity. Nothing relaxes the tension you build up from sitting at a desk and exerting brain power for eight hours than a good dance class. Burn the most in no time at all with a style to suit everyone—whether it means pirouetting away or bopping to the Hot 100.

Note: all calorie counts in this article are estimated calculations for hour-long class (caloric burn varies due to factors such as class level, height, weight and effort put forth).

Your workout of choice should be something that gives you joy and has you breaking a sweat at the same time. Dance, in all its forms, does just that, making going to the gym the best part of the day.