Study suggests puppies love baby talk

By: Susana Victoria Perez, Buzz60

Who doesn't 'go ga-ga' over a cute little puppy? If you can't help gushing over your furry friends, you're not alone and, turns out, you might be onto something.

A new study suggests that puppies can't get enough of baby talk! However, older adult dogs won't enjoy it as much.

The research was conducted by the biology journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

First, researchers had participants say the following phrases as they looked at pictures of dogs: "Hi! Hello cutie! Who's a good boy? Come here! Good boy!" Then they played the recordings for dogs at an animal shelter in New York City.

Results showed that puppies were the most responsive to the voices by looking more often at the loudspeaker and approaching it closer and for longer periods, while adult dogs did not react as enthusiastically.

If you spot a puppy on the street, you might be able to make their day by giving them a high-pitched hello!

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