Winter Beauty Awards judges reveal their go-to beauty tips

This season's Beauty Awards will highlight some of the best winter beauty products on the market. Whether it is a great winter nail color, hydrating skincare, hair tools or the best lip care, we will help you decide which products are worth your money.

Although we would love to try out every new product ourselves, we've asked some of our Lifestyle Collective bloggers to step in and help us out! They will be reviewing more than 75 great products and sharing their favorites.

Meet the judges: Winter Beauty Awards 2017
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Meet the judges: Winter Beauty Awards 2017

Just a Tina Bit

Beauty tip: " Always use face moisturizer before applying makeup. Your makeup will go on smoother and your skin will feel light and soft!"

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Fashionably Lo

Beauty Tip: " Love to keep things simple. You can't go wrong with a tinted moisturizer, bronzer and mascara!"

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See Golden Style

Beauty Tip:  To combat tired eyes, I love to add a sparkly highlight to my inner corners.”

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Lipgloss and Crayons

Beauty Tip:  “All the makeup and products in the world won’t replace great habits. Take care of your skin. Hydrate, exfoliate, and SLEEP!”

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The Middle Closet

Beauty tip: " Face oils have dramatically improved the composition of my skin. A light oil or serum can bring balance to your skin, resulting in fewer breakouts overall. What may seem counterintuitive is actually a vital player in combating oily skin!"

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Seamless Sea

Beauty tip: "Start from the inside out! Proper hydration, wholesome foods, and adequate sleep have no replacements. They are the key to having a beautiful canvas that glows from within! "

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Style Tab

Beauty tip: " My lashes are pretty lackluster, so immediately after applying my mascara, I rest my index finger under my lash line, before the mascara dries, and slowly blink to set it. Doing so adds height and volume sans scary eyelash curler!"

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Sensible Stylista

Beauty tip: "Always remember to wash your face before you go to bed. The worst thing you can do to your skin is sleep with a face full of makeup. If you're too tired to take everything off, at least take a second to wipe your face with a cloth!"

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Circa 88

Beauty tip: "Mixing my highlighter with my foundation for an all-over dewy look to my makeup! It makes the process of highlighting much easier and gives you a youthful glow!"

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The Fashion Poet

Beauty tip: " My favorite beauty tip to looking flawless right now is keeping your routine simple, purposeful & as natural as possible like using moisturizer daily. I'm loving the Conscious Coconut coconut oil it works on your face, body, hair and nails. Plus, it's 100 percent natural."

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Pink Heels Pink Truck

Beauty Tip: "Always take your makeup off before you go to sleep!!"

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Beauty tip: " I love mixing a couple drops of liquid illuminator/shimmer with my CC cream or tinted moisturizer. It gives me just enough glow to make my skin look amazing"

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Poised Avenue

Beauty tip: " I love mixing my foundation with a face oil for all day hydration and a beautiful glow, especially during the colder months!"

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Style Optimist 

Beauty tip: " Apply serum to face and neck, wait a minute before applying moisturizer! A serum does a great job of priming the skin and allows the skin to soak up the moisturizer."

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Simply Nicole

Beauty tip: "Use an eye cream on your eyelids AFTER you apply your mascara. This gets rid of any mascara residue and gives a gorgeous dewy look."

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KC You There

Beauty tip: "You're never too young to start taking care of your skin! Whether you invest in a product or start with a drug-store brand, you're one step closer to less fine lines and hydrated skin!"

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Jana Style Blog

Beauty tip: "Wash your face every night. I always make sure to go to sleep with a clean face and a good moisturizer. Even if you're tired it's important to clean your face to give your skin a chance to breathe."

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The Beauty Vanity

Beauty tip: " Never underestimate the importance of a good skincare routine! Start early and your skin will thank you down the road."

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XO Jasmine

Beauty tip: "Make sure to drink water and avoid sodas."

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Adored by Alex

Beauty tip: " No matter how tired you are, it’s so important to take off your makeup at night. Even if it’s with a makeup wipe or washing your face off with cleanser, your skin will thank you the following day... and in the long run too.”

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Before we roll out the product winners over the next couple of weeks, each of our judges shared their favorite beauty tips in the gallery above.

Check out the Beauty Awards page over the next few weeks for product reviews and rankings!

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