Research shows women are highly in-demand for this job

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Studies show that although women account for 57% of undergraduate degrees, they only account for 18% of all information and computer science majors. This deteriorating number has largely kept women out of one of the fastest, most influential industry in the world.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that there will be over 1.4 million computing jobs by 2020, which promises an even greater opportunity for both girls and women to score an in-demand position in technology. These jobs are not only some of the most in-demand, but some of the most lucrative and widely available careers out there.

Unlike alternative career paths that require college degrees and potentially hundreds of hours in a classroom, top-rated coding courses are uniquely available online. Women of all ages can benefit from the flexibility offered by online learning, including taking class on one's own time, anywhere in the world. These courses also don't result in massive student loans like law or business school.

In fact, this Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle offers a JavaScript course starting at just $1 - with no enrollment fee. Students can pay above the average price of $19.24, and get the 10 courses (156 hours) on all the top coding languages of today. Plus with lifetime access, students can continue to build their skills for years to come.

It's to the detriment of the entire population that there are so few women working in the tech industry, and we can only hope that perhaps the rise of online learning will be the ticket to change.

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