Kendall Jenner talks leopard print on her app

Kendall Jenner is bringing back leopard in a big way. In the last few weeks of 2016 alone we saw Kenny rock the print in so many ways that we questioned whether she would ever again wear a look that didn't involve the animal-inspired pattern. From coats to jackets to robes (and everything in between), the always-fashionable Jenner sister found a way to integrate the neutral — yes, leopard is a neutral — into nearly every part of her wardrobe, day or night.

See a few of her leopard print looks:

On Thursday, Kendall wrote about her love affair with the print on her app, chronicling how she adores wearing leopard in every way, shape, and form. Like all of us, though, the model admits that it took her a second to get used to the bold print — but now she can't get enough. Kendall goes on to say, "Did you know leopard is the only print I wear? And I wear a TON of it! It took me a minute to ease into the idea, but now it's like my black! Whenever I try new trends, I just remember that confidence can make anything look flattering." We couldn't agree more.

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Speaking about leopard coats, cropped jackets, booties, and even a head-to-toe printed look, Kendall writes an ode to a print that is, frankly, timeless if you ask us. So, if you're looking for an easy way to amp up your winter wardrobe this season, think back to the classic Mrs. Robinson look that is now Kendall-approved. The possibilities are endless.

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