How going to the gym may mess with your mind

By Nick Cardona, Buzz60

You know how magazines are often accused of showcasing unrealistic standards for the human body? A recent study suggests seeing too many fit people at the gym can have a similar effect.

Researchers at Australia's Macquarie University showed participants images of people with different body types.

Those who saw low-fat bodies tended to believe that a "normal body" was thinner. A similar sentiment occurred when participants viewed muscular bodies.

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A senior lecturer from the school's psychology department explained to 'The Daily Mail' that, "seeing muscular figures led to bodies previously considered normal to be perceived as rather puny, and vice versa."

Another researcher suggested being exposed to so many muscular bodies, whether in a fitness setting or while flipping through body-building content, could result in body dysmorphia.

Not only that, but there could also be physical implications tied to "extreme dieting and/or exercise behavior," as well as potential steroid use.

The team now plans to conduct further research into the neural processes that can result in a distorted body image. That way, they can try to ensure that a healthy body doesn't come at the cost of a healthy mind.