The glitter tears manicure might actually make you cry (in the best way ever)

There's no doubt 2016 was the year of all things glitter—and it all started with the glitter tears fixation which trickled from the faces of models walking in the [Burberry Fall 2016 runway] show. Then there was Pat McGrath's lip kit, the discovery of Lemonhead's epic body glitter, and even something called Unicorn Snot. But now, there's a glitter tears manicure, here to placate any worries that the sparkly trend would die any time soon.

First spotted by, jewelry designer Marisa Jiwi Seok posted several images on Instagram of what appears to look like the glitter tears we spotted on the Burberry runways. Although we can't be sure these Seok was inspired by Burberry, the resemblance is totally there—and we kind of love how she riffed on the backstage beauty moment. Seok's negative-space designs, as you can see below, feature multicolored flecks of glitter and a slew of rainbow-hued crystal midi rings to glam the entire 'gram up.

Scroll through to see more pics of the beauty trend:

Aside from bringing back sparkle-filled memories of 2016, the most appealing part of this design is just how damn easy it is. There are no intricate lines, or shapes included, making this a fun look you can easily recreate at home. Your essentials: A simple clear base coat plus your favorite bottle of confetti nail polish. That's it. And although glitter polish has been known to be a bit of a chore to remove, the ombre design leaves you with way less cleanup afterwards.

For those of us with less-than-stellar DIY mani skills, the glitter tears manicure trend has us crying actual tears of joy.

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