Take your outfit to the next level with a neck scarf

It's amazing how a simple neck scarf can instantly make you feel so...Parisian. An otherwise fairly simple outfit becomes complete! I'm really into the neck scarf thing these days if you can't tell.

Neck Scarf Casual Outfit Little J Style

Neck Scarf Casual Outfit Little J Style

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Banana Republic Black Skinny Jeans
Old Navy Loafer Flats (similar here)
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Banana Republic Neck Scarf

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4 ways to tie a Scarf
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4 ways to tie a Scarf
First up, the traditional loosely draped.

Start with the scarf folded diagonally. Cross the ends behind your neck, and then bring them back around the front and drape over your shoulders. So easy.

- Merrick

Next, the infinity scarf.

Start with it folded diagonally, then bunch the entire scarf up to make it thinner. Place behind your neck, then cross the ends and wrap behind your neck. Tie in a double knot at the back of your neck. Tuck the knot inside. Also, I think your hair looks best mostly tucked into the scarf for this style.

- Merrick 

Third, the belted cape.

Start with it folded diagonally, then drape over your shoulders. Cross the fronts of the scarf and belt in place.

- Merrick

And lastly, the easy "over the shoulder."

Fold in half diagonally and drape behind your neck with one side longer than the other. Loosely flip the long side over your shoulder and tuck in place. Effortless and chic!

- Merrick


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