What to know before buying UGG boots

I hope y'all are staying warm out there. We were snowed in over the weekend, but I braved the roads (they were fine, I'm just a chicken) to get to work today. But I must rave to y'all about the shoes that have made all this snow bearable. I recently got my hands on a pair of Classic Tall UGG Boots and have been wearing them non-stop since. They have been perfect for this chilly weather and I'm not sure how I ever lived without them.

UGG Boots are so popular this time of year that it is tricky to find a wide selection in stores, forcing you to give your best guess on what style/size to order online. Read on while I walk you through everything you need to know before purchasing UGG Boots.


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UGG Boots Run Large

Additionally, they are only available in full sizes. This is great for half-sizers like me, but a bit trickier for whole sizers. If you are a half-sizer, order half a size down. I am a size 8.5 and ordered an 8 – they fit like a glove regardless of whether I wear socks or not. If you are a whole-sizer, I would suggest ordering a whole size down. They may be a little snug, but I don't find myself often wearing socks with these as they are so dang cozy without!

UGG Boots are Now Weatherproof & Water Resistant

Depending on your budget and needs, UGG now makes two different versions of their Classic Tall boot – the original and the II. The difference between the two, other than $50, is that the Classic Tall II now features weatherproofing. This makes the boots (finally!) water resistant. It has always been a struggle in the past as how to clean UGG Boots that have sustained water damage, but that is a worry no longer! I wore these babies out in seven inches of snow this weekend. It piled on the toes of my boots and I worried that it would soak through. I couldn't believe when I kicked it off, it was like the snow/water was never there! Not even a trace remained and the boots still look brand new. I would highly recommend paying the difference to get the II version since a snowy day will be the time you'll want to grab these boots.


If You Have a Wide Calf, Classic Tall UGG Boots Will Still Fit

Classic Tall UGG Boots have a circumference of 16in. so if you have a medium to wide calf, this style may be a little trickier for you to style. Personally, I have exactly a 16in. calf. When worn regularly, they stiff opening of the boot cuts into my calf creating a bit of discomfort. Because of this, I like to wear my boots rolled down. I think they look even cuter this way and the thick wool around your legs gives them the illusion of being smaller. The Classic Short bootis another style to consider (our this cute bow version) – all the style without any of the restriction 🙂

UGG Boots Are Really Freakin Warm

Thanks to the inner wool lining and the sheepskin outer lining, these boots are warm the second you put them on and stay warm throughout almost every weather condition. This is perfect for a chilly day, but if you plan to spend the majority of your day in the heated indoors, understand that you will be sweating! For quick errands, this is fabulous. For a day at the mall, work, friends' house – consider packing a back-up pair of shoes. Where I work is pretty casual so I'll typically wear my UGGs to work, then change into tennis shoes or flats when I thaw out.

UGG Boots are Surprisingly Light

For the quality materials used in these boots, you will be pleasantly surprised by how light they are. This is in stark contrast to my other snow day staple, the Hunter Boot, which are pretty clunky.

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