The most dangerous state to walk in revealed

By Emily Drooby, Buzz60

It might be the sunshine state - but you may want to try avoid walking around in Florida.

Florida has been ranked the worst state when it comes to pedestrian fatalities according to Smarth Growth America which works to improve better towns and cities.

Between 2005 and 2014, more than 46-thousand people were struck and killed by cars while walking in the United States, and in Florida alone over 5,000 people were killed by a car while walking.

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That's second to only California-- which had over sixty-five hundred deaths. But keep in mind, almost twice as many people live in California.

Florida is so dangerous that 9 Florida metro-areas on the list are all located in the top 11.

As for places where it is apparently safer to take a talk.... Colorado Springs came in as the least dangerous metro-area... and Vermont ranked as the least dangerous state.