Make this quick blood orange rosemary vodka cocktail

Blood oranges are a favorite ingredient of mine in cocktails and baked goods. This Blood Orange Rosemary Vodka Cocktail is delicious. in 5 minutes or less you could be sipping away!


Delicious Blood Orange Rosemary Vodka Cooler

Late in the Fall, I went to the Food & Wine Show in NYC with my foodie friend Linda. A highlight for me was hanging with the Martini & Rossi crew and enjoying their cocktails. Sometimes the simplest things can be a game changer when it comes to to food, drinks or even every-day life.

The bartenders had huge bowls of lemon peels by their side and as they served up their signature Asti St Germain Cocktail, they would take a peel, mash it up a but to release the oil , then rub the peel along the rim of the glass before tossing it in.

What a game-changer! The intoxicating scent of fresh lemon wafting up, sip after sip enhanced the drink tremendously! I loved evidenced by my quadruple refills, lol!

SO...I decided to try this simple trick at home using Rosemary. I had heard about and their Blogger Recipe Challenge and figured...why not submit something. I'm a gal that enjoys cocktails after all!

I came up with this Blood Orange Rosemary Vodka Cocktail using their Blood Orange Martini Mixer, which is great for more than just martini's. Stirrings has so many delicious mixers to choose from. I recently used their store locator and found some of their product line at the Acme 10 minutes away.

In addition to mixers, they have bitters, simple syrup, cocktail rimmers and more. My daughter likes to rim her glass with sugar when she makes variations of homemade lemonades. Having a couple Stirrings rimmers on-hand save me from her "dying her own" sugars, lol! Plus, ummm...I like to rim mine too! cocktail mixers and rimmers

I love Blood Oranges in cocktails, they are only available briefly each year, so now I have a go-to mix in for that flavor I crave. I've even mixed it with Sprite, Club and even water for when I want a non-alcoholic flavored drink. That, the Lemon Drop, the Pomegranate...they all work great and the flavored are really tasty!

Check Stirrings out! I am sure from all of their creative offerings you will find a few you enjoy too. I keep wanting to try the Bloody Mary Mix...Next shopping trip!

This Blood Orange Rosemary Vodka Cocktail is enhances by the fresh rosemary, as you lift the glass to take a sip, you smell the rosemary and the blood orange...Scrumptious!

Recipe type: Cocktail
Prep time: 5 mins
Total time: 5 mins


  • Fresh Rosemeary sprigs
  • Ice
  • Vodka
  • Stirrings Blood Orange Martini Mixer
  • Club Soda


  1. Take one Rosemary sprig and crush and mash it a bit with your fingers.
  2. Rub the spring firmly all around the rim of each glass.
  3. Fill a 16 oz glass 3/4 of the way with crushed ice.
  4. Add in 2-4 oz of vodka (based on your preference)
  5. Add in 4-5 oz of Stirrings Blood Orange Mixer
  6. Add in a splash or two of club soda.
  7. Stir, garnish with a fresh rosemary sprig and serve.
  8. Enjoy!

Delicious Blood Orange Rosemary Vodka Cooler

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