Kate Middleton has caused a 'national shift' in acceptability of mental health


It's no secret that Kate Middleton is passionate about mental health and wellbeing. The Duchess been praised far and wide for her incredible work and dedication to the mental health community, for her fundraising, time and support.

Not only is Middleton motivated to find cures, but she's very focused on creating safe environments for patients and families alike.

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On Wednesday, Middleton visited the Anna Freud National Care Centre for Children and Families, a London organization that prides itself in "improving the lives of children and young people with mental health problems" for over 60 years. Teaming with scientists, families and social workers, the charity has been a pioneer in the mental health field.

Not surprisingly, Middleton has dedicated herself to the organization, becoming a "patron" in early 2016. In the past, she's met with families and helped in community development. On her most recent trip, she spent time with other mothers, learning their stories and what she can do to help.

The struggles faced by these families resonated with Middleton. "She knew exactly what these mums were talking about — about children not sleeping and how stressful it is to try and bring up small children," said chief executive of Anna Freud, Peter Fonagy, to People.

A lot of progress made in the fight against mental health can be attributed to Middleton, believes Fonagy.

"I don't think the Prime Minister would be where she is if it weren't for the royal family's Heads Together program, which I think was the brainchild of Her Royal Highness. She has caused a national shift in terms of the acceptability of mental health as a problem that we all need to deal with," he said.

The change brought around by her work and acknowledgment of these issues can be felt both nationally and internationally. "I think it is having an impact in Europe, certainly," he adds.

"There is a remarkable combination of her approachability and comfort in dealing with the issue of mental health without embarrassment or shame or stigma, " he said to People.

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