3 self-help tricks to relieve anxiety

By Gwendolyn Purdom, Buzz60

Try these tricks to calm yourself down:

Anxiety Reappraisal

Look at your anxiety as a good thing. If you're nervous about a big date, meeting or performance, tell yourself you're excited about it instead. Both feelings cause things like sweaty palms and a pounding heart, so it's easy to make the mental switch. Since excitement is a positive feeling, experts say we do better with that mindset.

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Breathe deeply
Take a few deep breaths in and out. It will naturally help to clear your mind.

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Get up and go for a walk
You don't even necessarily need to go outside your office. Just stand up and take a few minutes to mosey around.

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Thrown on some instrumental or classical music
It will soothe you while clearing your head.

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Read leisurely
Even if it's an online article about the latest celebrity gossip, give your mind a break from the monotony of the work in front of you.

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Write it out
Writing even for a few minutes helps you gather your thoughts and express what you're feeling.

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Get moving
If you're lucky enough to have a full lunch break, take advantage of it and use it to get your blood pumping.

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Stop refreshing that inbox 
It may seem impossible to fully unplug, but stopping from obsessively checking your email will make a difference.

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Sleep as much as you can
A full night's sleep has so many benefits. Coming to work well-rested is key to staying low-stress.

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Bilateral Tapping

Stimulating the brain can help you chill. First, focus on a calming image. Then tap your hands on your thighs in a right-left pattern, or do a cross-body move called a butterfly hug, or tap your toes if you want to be more discreet. These movements activate both sides of your brain and they're designed to distract you from anxious thoughts.

Worry Period

Don't fight it, postpone it. Schedule a set worry time for 30 minutes each day. If an anxious thought pops up, write it down and tell yourself to think about it later. Pros say this breaks the habit of obsessive worrying, so you can focus on more important stuff.

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