Why ordering this one shot can actually save your life


Today, more and more people are using technology to meet other people. It's estimated that the dating app Tinder has more than 1 million subscribed users, all of whom are paying for matches.

But, even if you've been talking with someone for awhile, or have mutual friends, there's no telling what can happen. You've probably heard it before, but you should always meet in a public place. It can save your life.

The Iberian Rooster, a Portuguese restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida. has this sign hanging in its women's bathroom.

It starts off by saying "Hello, are you on a date that isn't going well?" It goes on, "Do you feel unsafe or even just a bit weird?" If a customer feels uncomfortable, they can order an "angel shot", which lets the staff know they need help.

They can also ask for the shot "neat", with "ice" or "lime", which ranks the type of help they need. Whether they need escorting to their vehicle, a lift home, or help from the police, the restaurant is there for you.

The sign assures them they'll help subtly and "without a lot of fuss."

"We've been there and want you to know you're in good hands," it says.