Viral video shows we've been cutting cakes wrong our whole lives

What does cheese, pizza and cake all have in common? Besides each being delicious, of course, they're usually cut in the same way. We've all been taught that if we want a slice from a brie or birthday cake, we should cut a wedge from the middle. Then, continue clockwise.

It's not brain surgery, but it help assures that everyone gets equal slices. Plus, it minimizes the mess.

But, according to one mathematician, we've been cutting cake wrong this whole time. Cutting wedge slices allows the cake to dry out relatively quickly, even if we try to wrap it.


Instead, Alex Bellos says we should be cutting our cake straight down the middle. In a Youtube video posted a few years ago, Alex shows us how it's done. This way, we're able to push the cake back together and maintain all the freshness and deliciousness.

So, now we can cut our cake and eat it, too!

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Apology Cakes
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Apology Cakes
Photo Credit: Imgur
Maybe the next top-selling card? #cakewrecks
Omg #cakefails #cakewrecks
Image Credit: Reddit
How I chose to apologise 💝 @darci_louise #mybad #sorrycake 🍰🎂
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In case anybody was wondering...I was the fajita culprit. But I think I fixed it. #ApologyCake
Cannot believe rach has just had to make this cake #disbelief #apologycake #findingthiswaytoofunny
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Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Vulgar Cakes
Photo Credit: Vulgar Cakes
Photo Credit: Vulgar Cakes

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