Unreal air drying hair hacks to try this winter

By: Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

There are a million reasons to love summer -- and not having to blow dry your hair before going outside is right up there with the beach and ice cream.

Whereas in the winter, wet hair and cold temperatures equal frizz! Luckily, there are some air drying hacks that'll avoid heat damage and keep frizz at bay.

Leave in conditioner plays a critical role in de-frizzing your tresses. It's an important product to use all year round but especially so in winter months.

After applying the leave in conditioner, try rocking the Kim Kardashian brush back look of last year. Brushing your hair back while it air dries keeps the top smooth.

Make sure you are using the right towel to towel dry. Opt for a silk cloth or towel catered to your type of hair for faster air drying.

Avoid using your fingers as a comb, especially if you have curly hair. Instead dab on some oil and use a wide tooth comb before heading into the cold.

Cold temps can cause hair breakage, which nobody wants. If you must run outside maybe go for the extra diva look and wrap a silk scarf around your head. It'll be protective and look pretty awesome!

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