Tiffany & Co. heart charm bracelet just got a 2017 upgrade


I, like many other preteen girls in the early aughts, spent countless hours obsessing over the Tiffany & Co. heart charm bracelet and the necklace. If you were lucky enough to have one, it basically meant you were junior high royalty, free to reign over the kingdom that was your local suburban mall. I begged my parents for one, but instead settled for a knockoff option I bought on Ebay. (No one ever knew the difference; we were thirteen-year-olds in Nebraska, and didn't have a sophisticated enough eye for fakes yet.)

Well, mom and dad, if you're reading, I'm going to need you to check out Tiffany & Co.'s superamped-up version, stat. First discovered by a Racked reporter, the jewelry's brand latest creation is called the Multi-heart Tag Bracelet, and it is what teenage dreams are made of. It has 23 heart tags, is made of sterling silver, and can be yours for $385. You can even add a custom engraving starting at $15. The brand describes it as "a classic reinvented," which is pretty apt. I might describe it as "conspicuous consumption at its finest," but that's just me.

Tiffany & Co Multi–heart Tag Bracelet, $385.00

In all seriousness, if this had been a thing when I was young, it most certainly would have been my number-one wish-list item for every holiday, birthday, and major events. Even now, I'm trying to figure out if I could pull it off in a sort of ironic-but-maybe-totally-serious sort of way. (Thoughts? Should I try it out? Yes or no? Let's discuss during study hall.)

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