New Year, new you: The ultimate home workout gear to kickstart 2017


It's the beginning of January, and that means many of us are chasing New Year's Resolutions to be our best selves. You might want to eat less sugar, take more "me" time, read more, or drop those last few pounds, but no matter your number one goal for 2017, having a great at-home workout system is key. Because sure, you can hit the gym to get in your nightly workout, but isn't it even better to get the same workout from the comfort of home?

Besides, it's *cold* out there.

There are a few ways you can get an incredible workout from home -- and a few key systems we love for 2017. These range from low-impact workout regimens to easy, portable ellipticals to the yoga mat that will complete your home gym. All-in-all, none are more expensive than $130. And all are worth it.

Click through below to see our favorite products on the market right now if you're looking to improve your health and stamina in 2017, and you're looking to do it from the comfort of home.