This couple's solution for not wanting any wedding gifts is legit genius

Okay, can we be real for a second? As awesome as hand-picking all of your wedding gifts sounds (Furniture and decor that actually all goes together? Yes, please!), all that scanning and planning can get old fast. Really fast. You have to make the list and check it twice (three times, four times...) to ensure that it's easy for your gracious guests to navigate and that you won't accidentally end up with three stand mixers and six pairs of salt and pepper shakers. Now what bride-to-be really wants that on her already endless wedding to-do list? So what's a girl to do? Well, in the event that you truly don't want any wedding gifts, this couple has come up with the perfect solution.

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Whether it's because you don't have the time to craft a proper wedding registry, you're throwing a destination wedding and want to lessen the financial burden on your guests, or you and your hubs are just fortunate enough to not need a thing, there are a number of reasons why brides and grooms would decide to forgo all of the gifts and goodies. For one Reddit user, it was because she and her fiancé are knowingly more financially affluent than the majority of their friends and family.

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"We are having a low-key wedding, keeping it small, and we really just don't want any gifts. At all," she wrote on the sharing site, asking the Reddit community if they had any alternative ideas to a typical gift or honeymoon registry. "We don't need anything. We have everything we could possibly want, we can afford the wedding, we can afford the honeymoon. Our family and friends are all average income folks... We're both feeling tremendously guilty at the idea of our family and friends spending their hard earned money on us when we have already been so fortunate. Please help. What would you do in our position?"

So what was this bride-to-be's ultimate solution? Spoiler alert: It's super yummy...

"We've decided to ask guests to bring a copy of their favorite recipe(s) that fit within our dietary likes!" the bride revealed in an updated post, according to Refinery29. "We'll compile it all into a lovely custom cookbook for ourselves after the wedding. An incredibly meaningful and wonderful wedding gift."

How brilliant is that?! No shame if you steal this idea for your own big day. (You'll basically be all set for dinner parties for life.)

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