4 sneaky exercises you can do at work

By Gwendolyn Purdom, Buzz60

Missing your morning workout doesn't mean all is lost. You can still squeeze in a subtle sweat right from your cubicle at work.

First, try seated knee raises using your purse or briefcase. Rest the item on your flexed foot then lift your leg off the ground, hold for three counts. Switch the item to the other foot and repeat with the other leg.

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#1: Stock your desk with healthy, low-calorie snacks

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#2: Don’t keep snacks at your desk at all

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#3: Stand up or walk around once every hour

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#4: Take the stairs instead of the elevator

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#5: Bring workout clothes to the office 

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#6: Pack your own lunch instead of buying

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#7: Fill your water bottle or get a glass of water first thing in the morning

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#8: Get sunlight (work by a window or take a quick walk outside)

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#9: Limit your caffeine intake to once a day

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#10: Stay conscious of your posture

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#11: Keep your desk streamlined and organized

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For tighter biceps, grab something with a little heft from your desk, say a heavy duty stapler or a full water bottle, and curl each arm 25 times.

If you're waiting in the break room, give your legs some action with standing calf raises: raise your heels off the ground and briefly hold. Repeat until youfeel a burn in your calves.

Back at your desk, complete your sneaky circuit with twisting crunches. With your feet hovering off the ground, grip your desk with both hands and use your core to swivel back and forth.

Businesslike burn achieved.

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