2 life-saving ovarian cancer symptoms to pay attention to


By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

Fear of cancer can lead women to ignore symptoms and delay doctor's visits, but there are a couple of early indicators you don't want to leave unchecked.

Women can stay ahead of cancer by paying attention to their bodies. When it comes to ovarian cancer, there are two symptoms that women should pay specific attention to.

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Persistent abdominal bloating and frequent urination, reports one female doctor at Northwestern University. Although she admits there are several signs of ovarian cancer and that bloating and frequent urination are vague symptoms, she also says that a majority of women who have ovarian cancer report having these two problems.

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The amount these symptoms occur is also important.

With at least 21,000 new cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed just last year, according to the American Cancer Society, it's important to notice bodily changes, understand your family's health history and voice concerns to your doctor.

These steps can lead to early detection, which is a huge variable in surviving and living with cancer.

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