Trump claims all dresses are sold out for inauguration, but shops say otherwise


Shortly after Meryl Streep's spoke out against President-elect Donald Trump during her speech at the Golden Globes, Trump took to responding in an interview with the New York Times.

Streep's anti-Trump speech was well-received in the room; some stars have also slammed Trump and refused to perform at the inauguration.

What will happen on Inauguration Day?

Trump said he was "not surprised" that "liberal movie people" had attacked him. Despite this, however, he told the New York Times he believes celebrities will still come to the inauguration.

In fact, he said that so many will show up that dresses in Washington, D.C. are sold out. "We are going to have an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout for the inauguration, and there will be plenty of movie and entertainment stars," he said. "All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It's hard to find a great dress for this inauguration."

Fashion-focused site Racked decided to investigate this claim. They spoke to representatives at stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue; most said that they had many dresses still in stock. Two stores, Hu's Wear and Carolina Herrera, had "no comment."