These are the 5 germiest spots in a restaurant

By: Sean Dowling, Buzz60

Some restaurants may serve more than the food on your plate.

Dr. Charles Gerba, University of Arizona microbiologist says you'd better reach for the hand sanitizer. The reason, even if your server just wiped down the table, chances are it's loaded with germs.

That's because the sponges or cloths aren't soaked long enough in disinfectant so germs just get distributed from one table to another.

And when eating, utensils are placed on a dirty table, they become contaminated. Always ask for a fresh set and rest your silverware on a napkin.

Plastic menus are supposed to be wiped down with a disinfectant, but often aren't. Use hand sanitizer when finished looking over the menu.

There's always a possibility a dirty diaper can touch the seats of booster or high chair. So, use a Lysol or Clorox wipe on the seat and tray before having your child eat on it.

And finally lemons: The juice is good, but the rind is definitely contaminated.

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