Christian Siriano speaks out after Chrissy Metz chooses different designer for Golden Globes


Leading up to the Golden Globes Sunday night, rumor had it that "This Is Us" star and Globes nominee Chrissy Metz would be choosing between two Christian Siriano dresses for the big night.

E! even went behind the scenes at her fitting with the 31-year-old designer, getting a sneak peek at her two choices: an embellished, red number and a flowy, teal gown.

Take a peek at the try-on session below:

In the video, Metz even says she "prayed to the heavens" to get the chance to work with Siriano -- and he echoed the sweet sentiment, saying "What an honor. I'm so excited."

Cut to the red carpet Sunday night, and Metz was seen in neither of the Siriano dresses. Instead, she opted for a velvet, purple gown by new designer Nathan Paul and donned earrings by Kimberly McDonald.

See Metz's final look:

She explained the decision to Glamour, saying:

"[Nathan Paul is] a new designer. I had a couple choices for dresses, which, wow, I didn't think I'd have—what an honor. And I just was like 'I want to feel comfortable, I love purple, why the hell not?' It spoke to me."

In case you missed it, see all of the Golden Globes red carpet arrivals below:

We're all about choosing what you feel most comfortable in -- but we can't help but wonder where the disconnect happened after all of the highly publicized prep (and especially since the actress seemed to love her options at the fitting).

Siriano has since responded in a statement to Mic:

"They chose to go another way after we made two custom options. It's unfortunate that her team decided to do so much pre-press about us working together; I advised against it. I think she's a wonderful actress with perhaps too many people in her ear dissolving her confidence. I'm so happy she's getting the recognition she deserves."

We think Metz looked flawless in all three dresses -- so we can only hope she and Siriano give their partnership another go in the future.