20 confessions from single parents

Dating is hard. Dating as a single parent is almost unimaginable.

From juggling all your responsibilities to trying to find someone who understands your situation and respects you, single parents opened up on Whisper about how difficult it is to find "the one" when you are raising little ones.

1.You never have the time:
I'm a single mom and I refuse to date until my daughter is at least in high school. I feel like dating would take my time away from her.
2. It's too expensive:
As a single dad I choose not to date. That hundred dollars it will cost for a single date these days is better spent on my boys clothes or saving for college funds. Single forever.
3. It's hard to find someone you trust:
I'm a single mom. To me the hardest thing about dating is trying to trust someone new around my kids. I want to date but I'm too paranoid 😩
4. It gets really hard to find someone who will support you:
Trying to date as a single dad is the worst. All girls "love kids" till they find out you have one.
5. It's nothing to be afraid of:
As a single mom trying to date don't understand why guys are afraid... I'm not asking you to take care of my baby just accepte that I have responsibilities
6. It's a balancing act:
I'm a single dad with a strong desire to date but an even stronger fear of missing time with my kid. #conundrum
7. The stakes are high:
Getting a date is pretty hard as a single dad. I just want to grab a cup of coffee and get to know someone, but the stakes are higher this time
8. You start to miss things about it:
Being a single mom means no time to date and it's not a priority but I miss the feeling of being kissed.
9. It's hard to find someone who understands:
Being a single dad and trying to date is hard. Not every woman understands that my kids are not looking for a new mom. They have one. I'm looking for someone to spend time with.
10. It draws some negative attention:
I feel like im not allowed to date anymore being a single parent, i get judgement from all sides of the spectrum. I guess i'll be forever alone... plus my little sidekick
11. It's hard to stay together:
I date women who say it's great I'm a single dad until they realize I actually raise that child full time, then we no longer seem to date...
12. You can't really be spontaneous:
Being a single dad is rough. Women my age don't want to date someone who can do things on a whim. Been single for 5 years.. At least i have my daughter and career..
13. Say goodbye to "free time:"
If you can't keep your commitments, don't try to date a single parent. There's no such thing as "free time". We have to make time and it's not worth the effort for flakey people.
14. You can feel like you're in limbo:
Being a single parent sucks. Feels like you're in constant limbo. "I wanna date! No, I can't. I'll date single dad's. But what if the mom is a nightmare? I'll just stay single......"🙃
15. It's hard to get away:
I really need an adults only weekend away. I'm a single parent and haven't been on a date in nearly 7 years. I need some me time.
16. It's intimidating:
When I finally get the courage to date as a single parent and hear a story on the news of child abuse from a parents boyfriend/girlfriend it makes me take a step back and not want to date
17. How do you even start looking?
It's hard to be a single parent and want to date cause you don't even know where to Even start or look after so long
18. It can get lonely:
I'm a single mom. I'm super lonely but anytime I think about dating I feel guilty about investing in anyone besides my son
19. You have to take your time:
I'm a single mom. I'm not ready to start dating again, but I'm also worried no one will want me when I am.
20. Your child's feelings come first:
I'm a single dad, and my son is my everything. I want to start dating, yet my son gets really jealous.

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