5 things to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions

Make 2017 the year that you actually keep your resolutions! From fitness trackers to a salad-to-go bowl, here are 5 things to keep you honest, all year 'round.

Do you vow to stop ordering out at work, but never quite get around to packing the nutritious lunches you planned? This easy to organize Salad-to-Go Bowl is here to help. It'll keep all your ingredients separated and fresh, so your lunch will taste as good as it looks.
We all know that sleeping in last night's makeup will undue all the good you do for your skin. So why do we still do it? This year, stick to your goal and use this convenient facial brush to effortlessly cleanse your skin each evening.
Joining a gym is one thing, but making it there every day is another. The best way to stick with your intention is to hold yourself accountable. Track your fitness with this Bluetooth tracker and you'll never get away with an extra rest day.
Proper hydration is the key ingredient to great skin, a faster metabolism and even higher energy levels. But how do you stick to your 8 cups a day? This portable water bottle can make all the difference. Take the no-spill bottle anywhere and everywhere, and enjoy your proper water intake daily.
Get More Sleep
There's nothing more essential than beauty sleep! Sometimes the right pillow can be all that stands between a good night's sleep and another night watching the clock. This duo of memory foam bamboo pillows is designed to give you the best sleep of your life.

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