This chic tassel satchel is just what you need

It's been storming like crazy here! It's seriously insane. It snowed last night, then rained, then snowed AGAIN. So driving in the snow/ice slippery death mix was far from fun. And then of course you have those people who still want to go 90mph on the freeway. No matter where you're going, it isn't so important that you need to endanger your life and the lives of everyone else on the freeway. Yes, I am that person angrily glaring at your truck, icy cold fingers clenched to my steering wheel.

Any way, I try and take advantage of sunny, non snowy days. They're few and far between lately. I think my hopes for a reasonable winter are gone, ha. But hey, that means I get to hit the mountains and riiiiiide.

This look was pre horrifying snow storm, obviously. With highs of less than 20 degrees lately, I'm praying for the days when I can wear this outfit again. I'm a big texture person, and I looove mixing fun textures like these velvet joggers and this leather moto jacket. I'm obsessed with the classy details of this bow tie blouse (reminds me of Kate Spade)– I snagged it from Maude. And I can't forget this lovely tassel satchel from Urban Expressions!

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