The internet is falling in love with this 'two-faced' cat

The newest cat sensation on the internet is Yana, who is "two-faced." One side of her face is ginger, the other is black.

Yana became known online after she was adopted last year by a Belarusian woman named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, a student at National Technical University in Minsk, adopted Yana after seeing an ad by her previous owner. Because of her unique look, they were bombarded with offers.

See photos from Yana's Instagram

Elizabeth started an Instagram account for Yana that's racked up over 20,000 followers. In an interview translated by The Telegraph, Elizabeth said that Yana has "totally changed her life."

"I am very grateful to the former owners of this fluffy miracle," she said.

It is likely that Yana looks this way due to genetic variation as opposed to Chimerism, a rare disorder that mixes chromosomes in one organism.