Brutally honest (and hilarious) mom sums up motherhood in 34 second viral video

Parenthood is overwhelming. But every mom and dad knows that in order to be a good parent, you've got to give yourself a break once in awhile.

Some parents go on runs, others take baths or escape with a night out.

How does a mom of quadruplets find peace and quiet? She hides in her pantry, Twizzlers in hand.

Mom Ashley Gardner posted a hilarious video that sums up motherhood in under 40 seconds. The recording has resonated with a lot of parents out there -- the Youtube video has nearly 1.3 million views since it was posted a few days ago.

"They want everything you have. See? She's always there," she says. Locking herself in her pantry is what she needs to do to survive.

You got it, mom!

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