Why this blogger values quality over quantity

My love affair with pink continues...First let me start my saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I decided to actually take a few days off before I got back into the swing of things.. I feel like we all tend to rush back into everything without taking a moment to think..

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to be much more mindful of this..More quality over quantity in everything I do. In a time where we tend to value just getting it out there no matter what it is.. I want to get it out there when it is right. So as I roll out some not all of my 2017 resolutions here I begin with "Get it out when it is right" and just a quick note on that.. I am not saying to not meet deadlines.. or procrastinate.. or let stuff sit.. I am saying to make sure whatever it is you do.. do it with quality. That could mean starting a bit earlier or working one more hour to perfect it..Either way, Quality is the key.

Coat Lavish Alice | Sweater Madewell | Denim Joes Jeans | Sunglasses SeaFolly | Clutch Clare Viver | Photos: Mike Paradise
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