China opens a floating walkway twice as long as Manhattan

By: Susana Victoria Perez

Imagine a floating walkway so long that it's twice the size of the famous island of Manhattan! Well, China has recently made such a feat a reality.

China opened a massive floating walkway that floats atop the Hongshui River in the Luodian County of southwest China. The walkway stretches approximately 31 miles long and covers an area of 54,000 square meters.

It just opened on New Year's day, but more than 60,000 tourists have already visited.

During the day, visitors can enjoy performances and partake in different activities. At night, thousands of lights and lamps decorate the walkway to create an amazing light show.

This floating walkway is definitely a spot to add to your 2017 bucket-list, but don't forget to pack walking shoes!

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