1 in 5 Americans exaggerate illness for sympathy

By Nick Cardona, Buzz60

A new study from Vicks reveals that many Americans are going to great lengths to get sympathy for feeling under the weather.

The survey from the home remedy staple found that 1 in 5 Americans exaggerate their illness for sympathy.

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The most popular forms of exaggeration are putting on a sick voice, speaking quietly and coughing loudly.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, a fourth of men exaggerate symptoms for sympathy while only a fifth of women do the same.

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The survey also found that 10 percent of women want someone to keep them company when they are sick and are more likely to treat their colds immediately, while only 19 percent of men do the same.

Vicks also found that Americans have, on average, three colds and spend 25 days under the weather a year.

The study shows 1 in 5 people still turn to their mom when they feel sick, while 3 in 5 say Vicks VapoRub reminds them of their childhood.

Looks like Vicks is as much a part of childhood nostalgia as mom's chicken noodle soup.