Why this exfoliating mask will become your newest beauty obsession


Let's face it -- beauty masks definitely ruled 2016. From sheet masks to clay masks (and everything else inbetween), everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Miranda Lambert shared a snap of getting their mask on last year.

And with so many products on the market, it can be hard to pick out a product that does it all -- without spending a fortune.

Let us introduce our newest obsession, the exfoliating manuka mask from indie brand, OY-L.

While sheet and clay masks (and who could forget multi-masking?) had a moment in 2016, we believe honey will have an even bigger spotlight in 2017.

Reasons why we love it:

  • The high-viscosity exfoliator leaves your face refreshed and most importantly, hydrated, without scrubbing your skin's natural oils away.

  • Made with manuka honey, the ingredient is known to naturally treat infections and protect against damage caused by bacteria. After using it for two weeks (3x a week) we noticed skin was brighter and our acne scars were slightly less visible.

  • While it can be a little hard to slather all over your face, the formula blends together agents such as hemp seed oil, cranberry seeds and willow bark extract, to give you a radiant glow.

  • Oy-L's founder, Andrea Pierce-Naymon, created the skincare line after her daughter became ill with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (OY-L donates 15% of sales of the bath salts and body scrub to Dysautonomia International).

After applying to your face in a circular motion, leave for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water (your pores will thank us). After drying your face, their face cream (if you want that *DEWY* look or have extremely dry skin) and their hydrating facial mist (perfect for layering under makeup), are also among our favorites.

Whether it's your end-of-the-week beauty ritual or your favorite way to jump start your week, this mask will give you a ~radiant~ glowing start to the new year.

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