Edible chocolate nails are the latest beauty trend

One beauty expert is making it a million times harder for us to stop biting our nails.

The newest nail fad is something very odd in theory, but it has quite a following already. Chocolate nails (yes...) is the latest talon trend.

A nail artist and vlogger from New Zealand came up with the sweet trend and posted it to her Youtube channel.

After drizzling and swirling chocolate icing on her nails, Jessie embellishes them with edible rubies and pearls. She even alternates between dark, milk and white chocolate! And after the nails have dried, they're perfectly edible.

Even though Jessie says they're not particularly beautiful looking, some followers are loving this nail art and chocolate combination!

Scroll through for more of Jessie's incredible creations:

Nail artist creates incredible designs
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Nail artist creates incredible designs
New video up on YouTube! Aqua mermaid nails, check it out - YouTube.com/naileditnz. #mermaid #mermaidnails #nailpolish #nailitdaily #nailart #nails #nailswag #nailporn #nailsdid #nailsdone #notd #nailsofig #nailpromote #nails4yummies #nailartwow #tumblrnailsxo #thestylechick #craftyfingers
Here's another shot of my New Years nails from last year 🥂. Off to move house now - I'm about to get a nail room again!! I'm probably going to cry, it's quite uninspiring running a YouTube channel and business from your kitchen! I'll try update Snapchat throughout the day (naileditnz).
So I tried out a kid's nail art kit and it was the WORST THING EVER! The polish was just coloured glue - I'll upload a video soon showing how terrible it was... #kidsnailart #nailart #terrible #kidsnailpolishchallenge #kidsmakeupchallenge
Here's another shot of my watermelon nails! Going to be filming this weekend, thinking about doing some more crazy nails, seeing how much interest there has been in my chocolate ones lately... hahaha. We'll see. #watermelonnails #watermelon #summer #fruit #nailart #nails
One more shot of my latest five-in-five nails... blue themed! Purple will be next, and I'm also really keen on a rainbow theme. Also, my phone died so I got a cheapie and I can't use emojis anymore :'( how do Android users cope??
Halloween mummies 💀💀 see my last post for a mini tutorial or check the link in my bio for the full version! Mani-swap with and inspired by @mysimplelittlepleasures ❤️. #halloweenmummies #halloween #halloween2016 #halloweennailart #halloweennails
One more pic of my Jack Skellington nails 👻. A new tutorial went up last night, I'll post about it very soon! #jackskellington #halloween #thenightmarebeforechristmas #halloweennails
It's been a busy week and I just realised I haven't shared these nails yet! Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the tutorial is up now on my channel 👻. #halloween #jackskellington #thenightmarebeforechristmas #halloweennails
Gorgeous design, @linda165_yt - check out her original version on her IG!
I've got a new video going up in 45 minutes, but in the meantime here's another shot of my last one 💅🏻. Hope you're having a good weekend!

You can follow more of her awesome tutorials on her Youtube feed or Instagram.

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