Can talking in your sleep reveal your true personality?

By: Djenane Beaulieu, Buzz60

There's a common belief that talking in your sleep reveals your deepest darkest secrets and your true self and that there may be a deep-rooted psychological incentive within those who talk in their sleep.

As entertaining as sleep talking is to overhear, can the gibberish talking actually reveal something about you and your personality?

It turns out that sleep talking is totally meaningless and not worth paying attention to according to sleep specialist, Dr. Michael Breus.

He says that there's no data that shows that sleep talking is predictive or gives a window into someone's subconscious.

So, it's unlikely to overhear a sleep talker dishing out all his or her secrets.

The cause of sleep talking, officially known as Somniloquy, could be sleep deprivation, according to Dr. Breus who spoke to SELF magazine.

The National Sleep Foundation says that stress, depression, daytime drowsiness, alcohol, and fever can also cause somniloquy.

Experts advise sleep talkers to reduce their anxiety and develop habits for a more restful sleep.

And for those who struggle to get any sleep overhearing your partner's late night gibberish, you may want to invest into some ear plugs

Because sleep talking isn't worth losing sleep over...or else you yourself may possibly become the next sleep talker.

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