Teen gives boyfriend a Bible with every page marked

Reagan Lee, 16, outdid herself this Christmas.

She spent the last three months personalizing every single page of the Bible for her boyfriend, who said he wanted a copy for Christmas, according to her tweet.

She highlighted, drew in the margins and made notes for him, then posted photos to Twitter:

At this point, the tweet has been shared nearly 900,000 times.

"I just thought it was cute and I like showing people the nice things I do for my boyfriend, [and] let everyone know we are in a happy relationship," she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Reagan came up with the idea after her boyfriend, 18-year-old Garrett Chisum, lent her his personal Bible to help her get through a tough time.

She said she looked through Pinterest to come up with more ideas.

As expected, Chisum loved the gift. Reagan said he smiled a lot and gave her a big hug.

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